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Kashimitra Burning Ghat

Kashimitra Burning Ghat in Kolkata is adjacent to the holy Ganga river that gives it scenic beauty. The crematorium has good facilities and a breathy environment to feel at peace. It has also been rated high in being clean and has got some good reviews by the customers.

How to reach Kashimitra Burning Ghat 

Address : 27, Strand Bank Rd, Sovabazar, Malipanchghara, Baghbazar, Kolkata, West Bengal

closest landmark to the crematorium is the Kolkata Municipality Ward Office.

Basis facilities

  • Pujari Service
  • Mortuary
  • Banquets for pujas
  • Dead body ambulance
  • Drinking water
  • Parking place
  • Waiting room

What to do after you reach Kashimitra Burning Ghat 

  • The moment you reach the cremation ground, meet the crematorium manager to get a slot for a deceased. 
  • If you get a slot, proceed to buy a samagri inside the crematorium. Later, verify the compulsory doctor’s certificate along with ID proof of the deceased. 
  • If the slot is unavailable then wait in the waiting room. If the slot is availed to you then take the deceased on the stretcher to the electric or wooden chamber.   
  • The burning process of the body is completed within one to one and a half hour, later you can collect the ashes.
  • After the completion of the cremation, the Death Certificate is provided then and their.

The cost of the Services offered by the cremation ground authorities are as follow:

  • The registration fee for the adult electric cremation for Rs 250 and for the wooden cremation it is Rs 220.
  • The registration fee for minor electric cremation for Rs 130 and for the wooden cremation it is Rs 80.
  • The complete charge for wooden cremation for an adult is Rs 2392 and for a child the change is Rs 1200. 

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