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Shibpur Burning Ghat

Shibpur Burning Ghat in Kolkata is one of the cleanest cremation grounds in the city. It provides all the basic facilities required for the proper cremation of a decreased, such as pujari service, mortuary, banquets for puja and ambulance for the dead body.

How to reach Shibpur Burning Ghat

Address: 95, Jagat Banerjee Ghat Road, Howrah

Closest and popular landmark: Bharat Petroleum

Hospitals near the crematorium: Ambica Banerjee Cancer Foundation, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Howrah, Kamalika’s Clinic and ENT Clinic

The process to be followed at Shibpur Burning Ghat

  • Offline booking is available with first come, first serve priorities.
  • A compulsory doctor certificate and documents of the deceased is required along with a photo ID proof.
  • The documents are verified by Crematorium Manager before proceeding further.
  • The burning of the body takes one to one and a half-hour by electric or wood. Later, you can collect the ashes. 
  • The death certificate is provided then and thereafter the burning process is complete.

Things to do inside the cremation ground 

  • Go first meet the crematorium manager and ask for the slot availability in the electric or wooden chamber. 
  • If a slot is available, proceed and buy samigri from the ritual from inside the crematorium.
  • If a slot is not available, wait in the waiting room for your turn. You can find priests there.

Services being offered by cremation grounds

Here are the charges of the services being offered at Shibpur Burning Ghat:

  • The registration fee for electric cremation and samigri for adult and child is Rs. 550
  • The registration fee for wooden cremation and samigri for adult and child is Rs. 550. Excluding the cost of wood. 

Other facilities available here are as follow: 

  • They have a facility of clean and fresh drinking water inside the crematorium campus.
  • A parking place for all the vehicles including cars and ambulances.
  • There is a waiting room where families can wait while their turn comes. 

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